Parable of the Day: Relying on Your Own Power

Once upon a time there was an elder who lived in a desert.

Demons became visible and attacked him. They started dragging him out of his cell to make him leave the desert altogether. The elder started fighting back but they were stronger than him and dragged him to the door. They almost threw him out.

The elder was desperate and cried out, “O Lord Jesus Christ! Why have you abandoned me? Help me, O Lord!”

As soon as he uttered these words, the Lord immediately appeared and scattered the demons. Then He turned to the elder and said, “I didn’t abandon you. You did not call me thinking that you’d defeat your enemies on your own, so I didn’t come to your rescue. You are guilty of relying on your own power. Call me immediately next time, for Ι am always ready to help you.” The Lord disappeared.

The elder received a great lesson. It teaches us not to fight our passions using our own brain or willpower. Instead, we should call upon the Lord immediately, asking him to help us.

Translated by The Catalog of Good Deeds