Parable of the Day: Points for Good Deeds

There was a man who died and went to heaven. An Angel met him at the pearly gates.

— You will need to score 100 points to pass through. Tell me about all your good actions that you’ve committed on earth, and I will tell you how many points you scored.

— Okay, — the man replied, — I lived with my wife for fifty years and never cheated on her, even in my thoughts.

— Great! — the Angel exclaimed. — You get three points!

— Just three?! — the man was astonished. — Alright. I went to church, tithed, and helped the poor all my life.

— Fantastic! — the Angel exclaimed. — You deserve two more points.

— Just two?!! — the man was surprised. — I opened a free soup kitchen and worked in a nursing home.

— That’s praiseworthy! You’ve earned four more points, — the Angel said.

— Four?!! — the man was desperate. — In this case, you can get into the paradise only by God’s grace!!!

— Welcome to the Heaven!

Translated from: azbyka.ru/days