Parable of the Day: A Person Who Would Eat Too Much

There was a man who couldn’t help eating more and more even when his stomach was full. He would always crave to eat something. As soon as he came home, he would shout at his wife:

— Give me some food, I want to eat!

He would see doctors who specialized in gut diseases but no one could help him. One day, he saw a doctor who had some expertise in human heart. The doctor listened to him, checked his heartbeat, and said:

— My dear, your heart is empty! As soon as you fill up your heart, your wild appetite will subside.

— What can I fill my heart up with, doctor? Is there a medicine against this illness?

— No, dear, we doctors don’t deal with it.
Take care of your own heart. It’s in severe neglect…
A full stomach can’t fill an empty heart,they say.