15 Quotes of Spiritual Guidance from Saint Luke Voino-Yasenetsky

1. To know God is to know absolute and unconditional love.

2. Prayer is the most important aspect of life for an Orthodox Christian. All other things are minor and are of  lesser importance, and are absolutely worthless when compared to the hard work of prayer.

3. Christ stands at the door steps of our hearts and He is knocking quietly and waiting for you to open up the door and let Him in. As soon as you open the door, He will enter and will dine with you.

4. God gave a conscience to everyone, but it depends on the person whether he wants to hear and follow the voice of his conscience or not.

5. God is close when we have constant communion with Him through unceasing prayer and acts of love.

6. For everyone who does good works and mercy God will give glory, honor and peace in this life, first for the chosen people, that is, who know the law of God and keeps the faith

7. The highest form of prayer is prayer without words, the cry of the soul to God that opens the heavens and gives us a live interaction with God.

8. Make it a rule to never remember your good deeds, instead forget them completely. Always remember only your sins and your evil deeds. Then you will be humble and find yourself more sinful than others, since humility is the first core virtue of a true Christian.

9. Almsgiving has a great, infinite power.

10. The purpose of life is to cultivate love, seek righteousness, and you can only succeed in it by working tirelessly to purify your heart.

11. A prayer that does not do visible, mind-blowing wonders works miracles inside the human hearts.

12. Our acts of almsgiving generate gratitude in people who are far from God.

13. Only the unceasing prayer melts the cold hearts like the falling rain drops.

14. We must be humble in order to do something truly good.

15. It is imperative to thank God when we are weak, when we are insulted, facing hardships, persecutions, and only then do we become truly strong.

Prepared by The Catalog of Good Deeds