Parable of the Day: A House for a Special Friend

A rich man called his personal architect and said:

“Build a house in a remote land. You can make it any way you want it to be. I want to present the house to a special friend of mine.”

The architect gladly accepted the offer and went to the building site, where there were lots of various building tools and materials already.

The architect was a sly guy, though. He thought to himself, “I know my job: no one will notice if I use low-grade materials or apply less stringent quality control. The building will look fine in spite of that. I’ll be the only person who knows about the minor defects. I’ll be able to fulfil the order quicker and earn some more money by selling expensive building materials.”

The work was done by the specified day. The rich man came to inspect the house. He looked at it and said:

“Well done! Now it’s time to present this house to my friend. He is so special for me that I didn’t spare tools or materials to build him a house. You are that precious friend of mine. I present this house to you!”

God gives each person a task to perform in life and lets everyone do it freely and use as much creativity as one wants. Each of us will receive the house that he builds in the course of his life on the Resurrection Day.

Translated by The Catalog of Good Deeds