Parable of the Day: The Only Day in the Year

An elder told the following parable:

“There was a very rich peasant. He wanted to teach his children to work hard and that was what he told them:

– Dear children, you know how I amassed so much fortune. If you obey me, you will get rich, too.

They were curious:

– Daddy, please tell us your secret.

– There is one day in the year when, if you are working on that day, you will get rich but I’ve forgotten which day it is. Therefore, you should not be idle on any day. Keep working because it could be the blessed Day and if you don’t work during that day, you will waste the labor of the entire year.

Likewise, if we keep working all the time, we will earn the path of life.”

Great Patericon. Ancient Patericon

Translated by The Catalog of Good Deeds