Parable of the Day: A Demon in the Church

A wandering monk went to a church to pray. Suddenly, he saw a demon wearing a priest’s clothes and preaching. The monk stood in the corner and listened intently to the words of the demon, trying to find fault with what he would say. However, the demon said everything in full compliance with the Good Book, and did not alter a single word. When the sermon was over and people left the church, the monk came to the demon and said:

– I know who you are: you are a demon!

– That’s right, – the demon confirmed.

– I wanted to find fault with you but you made no mistakes! – the monk said.

– I did my best, – the demon sounded flattered.

– So what’s your secret? – the monk asked in surprise.

– I was speaking without love and I know that these people won’t follow my words. And that’s enough for me, – the evil one explained.

Translated by The Catalog of Good Deeds