Parable of the Day: Improving One’s Life

This is what Rev Gabriel (Igoshkin) said about people improving their lives:

– If we put sharp items, e.g., knives, forks, awls, needles, nails, broken glass, pieces of iron and pottery shards into a bag, they will tear, pierce, and cut the bag. We have to get rid of all sharp items in our bag in order to rescue it.

Likewise, passions, vices, sins, wrongdoings, anger, enmity, and hatred fill up our hearts and tear them apart. They make people suffer and feel the pangs of conscience. Our life calls us to repent and throw the wrongdoings that cause this pain out of our hearts, to throw the sinful filth away, like sharp items that cut and pierce us. If we repent, we shall find peace in our hearts.

Translated from: azbyka.ru/days