The Life of St. Felix of Burgundy, Enlightener of East Anglia

Saint Felix, the Apostle of East Anglia, was born in the Burgundy region of what is now France. He was a bishop who was sent to England by Saint Honorius of Canterbury (September 30) to evangelize East Anglia.

Saint Felix established his See in Dunwich on the Suffolk coast in 631, and labored there successfully for seventeen years. He founded a school for boys with the help of King Siegbert, and brought in teachers from Canterbury.

Saint Felix died in 648 and was buried at Dunwich, but his relics were transferred to Ramsey abbey in Huntingdonshire in 971.

Saint Felix has given his name to Felixstowe in Suffolk, and to Felixkirk in Yorkshire. He is mentioned by Saint Bede (HISTORY OF THE ENGLISH CHURCH AND PEOPLE, Book 3, ch. 18 and 20).

Source: https://oca.org/saints/lives/2018/03/08/100704-st-felix-of-burgundy-the-bishop-of-dunwich-and-enlightener-of-ea