Prince Vladimir Youth Association is Joining Ministry Efforts with St. Elisabeth Convent to help children with Special Needs

This year The Prince Vladimir Youth Association is hosting the 3rd “School piggy bank” program to help the St. Elisabeth special needs orphanage in Minsk, Belarus. Most of the children never had a home and do not know parental warmth. Many of them have complex diagnosis but are given loving attention by the sisters of the St. Elisabeth convent.

During Great Lent, this good deed will reach out to children’s and youth of parish schools to collect their assistance to help other children in need. We appeal to help support these poor orphans. Every penny donated by your children will mean a great deal. Collected funds will be of great use and support to these parentless children. They will especially be happy to know that children their age provided the needed assistance.

Love is expressed in actions and teaching the importance of sacrifice helping the needy is an important lesson to encourage in our communities. We hope that during Great Lent your children will express their love for God and their neighbor by helping the needy children of Minsk, which will also be a stimulus to the children collecting.

Source: http://youthpv.org/2018-school-piggy-bank-program/