Personal Stories: Dolores and Her Hope

It happened 10 years ago. That incident became for me an evidence that Great Lent is not just the time of usual sorrow, but the sorrow, through which the beams of hope come.

The woman’s name was Dolores. Yes, she had such an unusual name in the world, while she was baptized with the name Daria. I learnt about that woman, who was a lecturer of the philological faculty, from her relatives. It was Great Lent – the time, when the sacrament of Holy Unction is usually served in churches. So, they asked me to come to Daria and perform the sacrament at home. The thing is, Daria was severely ill: she had the terminal cancer of the spinal column. She underwent treatment several time, but it did not help, so the disease progressed instead.

I remember that I entered her room and saw an exhausted middle-aged woman; she was so weakened by her disease that she could not walk any more. Her relatives lifted her up and helped her to sit. During the sacrament, the sick woman was praying wholeheartedly with tears in her eyes. I will remember forever that burning light of hope for God’s help that I saw in her eyes. I anointed Daria and then I left them.

After some time I got a phone call. Daria, who could not even sit without help some time ago, told me with a completely different and joyful voice that she began to walk! Also, she told about the doctors, who were very surprised by the positive dynamics of her recovery. She added that she began to read the akathist to the mother of God before the Pantanassa icon.

It has been years since then and we still keep in contact. I always recall this incident during the period of Great Lent. It gives me hope. The hope that the Lord by His grace will send you the circumstances, which will bring us to Him. The hope that He will not let us go without repentance – even if we are in serious condition, He will cure us from any disease and give us as much time as we need to prepare ourselves.

By Archpriest Andrew Gerasimov

Source: https://foma.ru/dolores-u-kotoroy-byila-nadezhda.html