St. Barsanuphius of Optina on the Importance of Prayer

“Prayer in church is important. The best thoughts and feelings come in church, yes, and the enemy attacks more violently in church, but with the sign of the Cross and the Jesus Prayer, you drive him away. It is good to stand in some dark corner in church and to pray to God. “Let us lift up our hearts!” the priest exclaims, but our mind often creeps along the ground, thinking about indecent things. Fight against this.”

From “Living Without Hypocrisy: Spiritual Counsels
of the Holy Elders of Optina

Source: http://www.orthodoxchurchquotes.com/2014/08/02/st-barsanuphius-of-optina-prayer-in-church-is-important-the-best-thoughts-and-feelings-come-in-church-yes-and-the-enemy-attacks-more-violently/