Our Faith: a New Album of the Monastic Choir of St. Elisabeth Convent

A new CD album of the Monastic Choir of St Elisabeth Convent has been released. The album was recorded under the supervision of Nun Juliania (Denisova). We hope that the listeners will enjoy the new album Our Faith with its diverse tracklist, which includes:

– Church hymns of Byzantine, Macedonian, and znamenny chants;
 Music by P. Chesnokov, P. Tchaikovsky, I. Boldysheva, V. Basner, Nun Juliania (Denisova);
 Spiritual canticles with lyrics by classical poets and contemporary authors, including St Nikolaj of Serbia, Archpriest Andrei Logvinov, and Archpriest Artemius Vladimirov;
 Folk songs.

These hymns and songs gained popularity among parishioners and audiences in many cities and towns around the world where the sisters had concerts or participated in church worship. It was thanks to numerous requests of the music lovers that the sisters decided to record some chants from the repertoire of the Monastic Choir, which normally consists of no more than 10 sisters.

Nun Juliania (Denisova), the Precentor-in-Chief of St Elisabeth Convent, points out that the new album of the Monastic Choir includes chants from the Shining Bright album, chants from the repertoire of the Festive Choir of St Elisabeth Convent, and songs specially harmonised for the tours of the Monastic Choir. Belarusian and Russian folk songs are mingled with a French song. Tchaikovsky’s piece When Jesus Christ Was Yet A Child is followed by an ancient (7th 8th century) canticle Walking Down God’s Mountain. All these pieces are joined together by the peculiarities of treatment and sound of this choir.

Konstantin Karmanov, the head of the Audio Studio of St Elisabeth Convent and the sound engineer of the Our Faith project, emphasises that this project has a missionary purpose, “We speak about Christ through the brilliant art of church singing. The sisters sing wholeheartedly and take to heart the music pieces they perform. Beside that, this album contains a chronicle of the development of contemporary art of church singing, expressed through the traditions of choir singing upheld in St Elisabeth Convent.”

Total runtime of this album is 54 minutes.