Ministry Updates: Recent Projects of St.Elisabeth Convent with Adults and Children with Special Needs

They went on pilgrimages to holy places, studied in Germany, bathed in fallen leaves, watched speed maneuvering competitions, participated in horse therapy classes, showed a theatrical performance, and did a whole lot of our surprising things. Read more about the friendship between the sisters of St. Elisabeth Convent and the residents of the boarding homes and about the events that happened in October and early November this year.

Сhildren and adults who stay in the Boarding Homes have had a very fulfilling autumn season thanks to the care of St Elisabeth Convent. 

The children from the Boarding Home for Children with Special Needs visited a Fire and Rescue Service station. They learned a lot about the equipment and vehicles that firefighters use. They tried on firefighters' helmets and sat in the fire engines like real rescuers.

The young residents of the Boarding Home in Astrašycki Haradok will definitely remember their trip to Baranavičy Raion where they visited an Animal Park, which looked like a fairy-tale.

Several young adults from the Boarding Home for adults had a special work practice in Germany. Their trip was made possible thanks to the support of our donors.

We also staged our favourite theatrical play, The Little Prince, and we visited the Puppet Theatre in Minsk where we watched Moydodyr, a classic Russian children's play.

The patients of the boarding homes regularly participate in the services in the Convent and visit the grave of the Holy Blessed Valentina of Minsk often. They also had the opportunity to visit Zhirovichi Monastery this autumn, some of them for the first time in their lives.

Horse therapy classes led by Nun Vera (Gordienko) continue, too. 

Of course, we simply strolled down the city streets and enjoyed every day.