Join Us in the Upcoming Christmas Fair in Brussels This December

Sisters of St Elisabeth Convent (Belarus) invite you to their Christmas event and a charity fair of the products made in the Convent!

It has been over two thousand years since the night when the Three Kings brought gold, frankincense, and myrrh to Baby Jesus. We are also happy to bring our humble gifts of love and merciful actions to the Lord today.

We have been doing an annual charity fair in Brussels for more than twelve years already. We bring to the fair a wide variety of products made in St Elisabeth Convent, including icons, church supplies, healthcare and beauty products, handmade souvenirs, and a whole lot more.

We will be glad to meet you at the fair on December 1-31 (Mon-Sat 9:30-19:00)!

We invite you to a moleben, which will open the fair on December 1 at 18:30.

During the Advent, this is what you can expect to see at the Brussels Christmas Fair of St Elisabeth Convent:

Tuesday, December 5, at 17.00
Friday, December 8, at 17.30

A Guest from Heaven: Batleika puppet show for children.

Children of all ages, as well as their parents, will appreciate this nice and edifying story, which tells about little miracles – kindness, attention, and compassion – that happen in our lives. Everyone can make miracles like these with God’s help…

Wednesday, December 6, at 19.00
Wednesday, December 13, at 19.00

Healing Powers of Nature Presentation

You will see the wide range of healthcare and beauty products offered by St Elisabeth Convent, such as herbal teas and infusions, balms, essential oils, hair growth boosters, face and hand creams, and much more. All our products are made of natural ingredients.

Friday, December 15, at 19.00

Meeting of Friends of St Elisabeth Convent. “The Angel on Earth: Memoirs of Her Contemporaries”

You will watch a film about the various aspects of the charitable outreach of St Elisabeth Convent and its charitable projects. You will learn many new facts about our Heavenly Patroness, the Holy New Martyr Elisabeth, too.

Those who knew the Grand Princess, remember her as a beautiful person, both in her appearance and in the purity of her soul. Their verbal descriptions of her moral standing have survived until the present day…

“…She was the definition of humility. She was exceptionally natural, even though she did not see it. She was deeply thoughtful, calm, and tranquil,” Countess Maria Belevskaya-Zhukovskaya said about St Elisabeth.

“Beauty you can rarely find anywhere; outstanding reasoning skills; subtle humour; Angel-like patience; a noble heart — that was what this remarkable woman was like,” that was how Grand Prince Alexander Mikhailovich characterised her.


Every Tuesday and Thursday during the day

Workshop Session on Making Icons with Powdered Stone

You will learn a spectacular technique of painting icons and pictures. Using powdered semiprecious gemstones, e.g. lazurite, nephrite, malachite, etc., artists can make wonderful icons, landscapes, and still life pictures, which you can enjoy for decades, since the tiny pieces of stone do not fade or lose colour with time.

You will be able to make your own little masterpiece under the guidance of our sister who specialises in this technique.