Ethereal Beauty That Comforted Our Souls: the Royal Voice Festival as Source of Inspiration

The Royal Voice Festival, which was held in St Elisabeth Convent at the last weekend of October, once again demonstrated how enlightening, powerful, and exalted spiritual music can be. The performance of each participant was special; every piece filled our souls with joy, reminding us about God and our destiny.

Dozens of singers did not only illuminate the Church in honour of the Reigning icon of the Mother of God with their voice but also almost became one single whole with the church. The very atmosphere in the church helped us to listen to the sounds of words and music.

The words of the head of the festival Nun Juliania (Denisova), who is a precentor and a composer herself, were brief because, as Nun Juliania admitted, the creative work of the collectives and performers was speaking louder than words.

Their singing was sincere, clear, sometimes reserved, sometimes emotional. Various chants and songs were presented at the festival, ranging from church chants to spiritual songs written by contemporary authors.

The parish choir of the Church in honour of Pantanassa icon of the Mother of God (precentor Matushka Olga Sholkova) presented traditional church chants. Municipal Chamber Choir Nizhny Novgorod (conducted by Ivan Stolnikov) and the Chamber Choir of Donetsk State Music Academy (conducted by Alimeh Murzaeva) performed music composed by contemporary authors. The Maidens' Choir of St Elisabeth Convent (precentor Matushka Maria Bakhvalova) prepared a wide spectrum of various church chants and spiritual songs.

Songs performed by their author, Archpriest Sergius Kiselev, penetrated deep into the audience's hearts. The house was full during the priest's solo concert, which proved the point that contemporary humans need spiritual music badly.

November 1, 2017
St. Elisabeth Convent