10 Important Updates About the Ministry of St. Elisabeth Convent in 2017

10. Achieving Artistic Equality for the Children with Special Needs

The largest mental Health Care Boarding Home in Europe is located in Minsk, just near St. Elisabeth Convent.  Those of us who has met the special people living there are sure that there are things we all can learn from them, such as impartiality, openness, sincerity, good attitude to life and pure love… This is what makes them so happy!...read full article

9. Joyful Hearts Ensemble: A Musical Group of People with Special Needs Held its First Concert Tour

On May 14-21, the concerts of The Joyful Hearts Ensemble  have been held in Europe.  It consists of the people who permanently reside in the Boarding Home for Adults with Special Needs (learn more about the ministry at the boarding home) and is one of the permanent projects of started by St.Elisabeth Convent. The Joyful Hearts performed in Warsaw, Berlin, Paris and its suburbs. Brother Nicholas (Storozhenko), who was involved in organization of the tour and accompanied the performers during their trip, shared his feelings about this wonderful event in the life of St.Elisabeth Convent and the Boarding Home…read full article

8. "Seek the Lord": an Interview with Nun Juliania, the Precentor of the Festive Choir of St.Elisabeth Convent

The Festive Choir of St Elisabeth Convent celebrates its 20th anniversary. It is a noteworthy date – a date to remember. There will be a concert to mark this anniversary. We also released a new disc titled Seek the Lord. This is why we decided to interview Nun Juliania (Denisova), the precentor of the Festive Choir, and ask her to tell our readers about the choir’s new songs, about creativity, about choir singing, and about music in general…read full article

7. An Outdoor Holiday for the Children with Special Needs

Cloudy weather did not disrupt the Open Air project at the boarding home for children with special needs. It seemed as if no one noticed the absence of the sun as it was replaced by the positive energy surrounding the event that warmed and brightened all of the surroundings. On this day, everything had a unique sound, everything was dancing, and everything was bright and resembled a fairy tale. It is a good thing because we do not have enough fairy tales…read full article

6. Children with special needs make icons of St. John of Shanghai and San Francisco

Children from the boarding school for children with special needs and the convent’s studio “Anyolak” prepared an exhibition of drawings “A gift to St. John” devoted to the feast day of St. John of Shanghai San Francisco…read full article

5. How the Sisters of St.Elisabeth Convent Plan to Help People Using Fine Arts

Inspiration Studio will be opened in the Church in honor of St. John of Shanghai and San Francisco soon. This church is located on the territory of the National Applied Research Centre of Mental Health. The lessons will target those who undergo rehabilitation in this Centre…read full article

4. How The Chapel in the Sunday School of St. Elisabeth Convent Was Constructed

There is a small chapel in honour of the Holy Martyrs Faith, Hope, Love, and their mother Sophia in the building of the Private Grade School and Sunday School run by our St Elisabeth Convent. It is still being decorated but for the most part, the work has already been done. Every piece of work adds something important to the general design idea. Each new detail does not only make the chapel more beautiful but also adds some meaning to it. Even the smallest brick has its mission…read full article

3. The Sisters of St. Elisabeth Convent Host a Fun Filled Weekend for Children with Special Needs

A joint party for children with and without special needs took place at the Rehabilitation Center of St Elisabeth Convent last Sunday.More Than a Birthday, or Inclusive Party for Children at the Rehabilitation Center of St Elisabeth Convent.…read full article

2. 18 Facts About St.Elisabeth Convent on its 18th Anniversary

We recognize August 22, 1999 as the birthday of St. Elisabeth Convent. It was on that day that the Most Rev Philaret, Metropolitan of Minsk and Slutsk, tonsured first novices and blessed the Rev Andrew Lemeshonok to establish a convent in honor of the Holy Martyr Grand Princess Elisabeth…read full article

1. Lots of Pain and Lots of Love: The Patron Saint's Day in the Boarding Home for Children

November 22 will be the day of Saint Nectarius, Metropolitan of Pentapolis and the Wonderworker of Aegina. It is also the patron saint's day of the church located at the territory of the Boarding Home for Children with Special Needs. It was on this day seven years ago when the first Divine Liturgy was celebrated in the new wooden church. The sisters have been praying to this wonderworker and ascetic, who was canonised by the Church of Greece in 1961, since the very first days of their ministry in the boarding home for childrenread full article