5 Handmade Therapeutic Eco Toys to Give to Your Loved Ones This Christmas

Introducing new eco toys made from natural materials including wood, fabric, and wool.

These handmade toys are made in the Felting & Textile Workshop of St Elisabeth Convent. Each toy is unique and made with attention to every detail: for instance, the toys’ eyes are not glued to their faces, instead they are embroidered with color threads or painted with child safe acrylic paints.
Buckwheat hulls are used as the filling for most of our products, which are the dry outer layer of buckwheat seeds.
Most importantly buying eco toys and other products from the workshops of St Elisabeth Convent enables you to support the social ministry of the Convent and help others this Christmas season.


Small Anti Stress Bear Toy

Thanks to the soft fabric and the rustling filling, this small hand sized toy can help relieve stress. It can be used as a bed warmer by heating it up in a kitchen oven or a microwave oven to a preferred temperature. $9 Click here to order today


Kitten Developmental Toy

This eco toy made of natural materials is manufactured in the textile workshop of St Elisabeth Convent. The cat’s paws are made of contrast colored fabric and loosely stuffed. This toy can teach a child to tie shoelaces and can improve their manual dexterity. $17  Choose your design here


Horse Eco Toy

Just a few advantages of this Organic Toy includes:
 Great for children of any age.
-         Only natural non-toxic materials are used.
-         It is hypoallergenic and may be used as an interior decoration. 
     $17 Click here to order this unique toy

Penguin Anti-Stress Toy

     Made of сashmere and linen. Can be used as a toy, a pendant or a Christmas tree decoration. The toy is not stuffed tightly, and theres a reason for it: when you touch the toy, the swishing of the hulls has a relaxing effect. This toy can also be used as a pendant of Christmas tree decoration. $11 Be the first to order this new toy here


Sleeping Angel Pillow

This unique toy comes in first because it is both a toy and a pillow and processes therapeutic qualities. 

Fabric: 100% linen.
Filling: 100% buckwheat hulls.
Size: 30 cm high, 40 cm wide.

$30 - Click here to order this multipurpose gift today!

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