Serving God and People for Over 2 Decades: The Sisterhood of St.Elisabeth Convent Celebrates its 21st Year!

The birthday of the Sisterhood in honour of Holy Martyr Grand Princess Elisabeth was a key event in the history of St Elisabeth Convent. The Sisterhood was started in Ss Peter and Paul Cathedral in Minsk, where Father Andrew Lemeshonok served.

On December 7th the Convent and our Sisterhood are one single whole, a united community of mercy. It began with several sisters and Father Andrew Lemeshonok praying in the psychiatric hospital. Currently, St Elisabeth Convent, together with the hospitals and the boarding homes around it, prays for the entire world!

What we can see today is the result of love, immense effort, selfless and truthful ministry and prayers of Father Andrew Lemeshonok and the sisters. Our heavenly patroness the Holy Martyr Grand Princess Elisabeth is our example. Each sister prayerfully asks her for help. We have an Akathist to Saint Elisabeth in front of her icon located in St Elisabeth Church every Sunday.

Our school of sisters of mercy consists of joint prayer, conversations, and confessions, weekly meetings of the Sisterhood, which make us interpret our duties from the spiritual standpoint and grow spiritually.

There are more than three hundred sisters who carry out various duties. Some of them have visited hospitals and boarding homes for over two decades. Some work in church shops and encounter humans with their pain. Some become visiting nurses and are responsible for a certain disabled person. Some teach the youth.

Something changes wherever a sister in a white robe comes: her prayer makes pain disappear or at least feel less acute… The sisters prayerfully hope that there will soon be a shelter for the elderly and the disabled near the Convent, where they will live and receive proper assistance and spiritual care.

December 7, 2017
St. Elisabeth Convent