How to Resist the de-Christianization of Christmas?

“The kingdom of heaven is like leaven that a woman took and hid in three measures of flour‚ till it was all leavened.” (Mt. 1:3)

Christ came into the world as one of us‚ to change us from within. He is the leaven of a new world‚ and although born as a little babe‚ in a humble and forgotten manger he starts a chain reaction that will reach the entire earth.

The apostles were the first to react to this catalyst and they were changed into something better‚ from humble fishermen into fishers of men‚ becoming themselves agents of change for the world.

Through their missionary work entire populations were converted to Christianity‚ temples were changed into churches‚ pagan holidays were changed into Christian ones‚ all transfigured by grace‚ going back to the fullness of serving the One and True God.

Today we see a reversed phenomenon‚ a sort of a de-Christianization of Christianity.

Under secular influence‚ Christian holidays‚ like Christmas for instance‚ are converted or perverted into a shape and form that has nothing to do with their intended spiritual purpose. They retain a very thin outer shell but they are emptied of all their content that has to do with salvation‚ and then re-filled with consumerism waste and rejuvenated pagan rituals.

In the self-proclaimed post-Christian era the main reason for the season is not Christ anymore‚ but indulgence. We indulge in food‚ drink‚ parties‚ gifts and so on‚ banking on the idea that Christmas is only once a year and we need to seize the opportunity. But the true opportunity that resides with the genuine meaning of Christmas passes by us‚ and Christ again enters the world humble‚ unattended and ignored.

That is exactly what Christ wants to change‚ to stop us from ignoring Him‚ and re-direct us into a new relationship with Him. Our chance to be changed is now‚ when He comes on earth humble‚ loving and ready to forgive. If we miss this chance at His second coming will be too late because then He will arrive us a righteous and fearful  Judge‚ holding us accountable for all we have already received and not used‚ probably wasted.

Now is not too late to resist the unhealthy change that takes over the world  and keep the season as what was meant for: a vigil for the coming of Christ in the world‚ not a nonstop party in expectation of an overweight consumerist jolly maker. Preparing for Christ’s coming involves going against the current with fasting‚ prayer and sacrificial love instead of overindulging in cheap entertainment and self-gratification.

Only in this way we will be able to recognize Christmas‚ as we should‚ a glorious event that reshaped the entire cosmos‚ an event that will fill our entire being with joy and peace‚ not just for the season but for eternity.

Christ is born‚ glorify Him!

Source: http://dialogues.stjohndfw.info/2010/12/how-santa-stole-christmas/