How Is the Sunday School of St Elisabeth Convent Doing These Days?

The life of the pupils of our Sunday School is so exciting and colourful that everyone – children, their parents, and the residents of the boarding home – are happy to go to school on Sundays. Novice Galina Shpakova, the headmaster of the Sunday School, has told us about the recent events, which stay in the memory of the big and the little ones.

We Took Part in Friendly Contests!

The recent draughts and table tennis tournaments have shown that there are plenty of young talents in our school! It turned out that some of the children play better than adults...

The children were divided into several groups according to their age to participate in the tournaments. The best table tennis players were selected out of more than fifty contestants. There were seventy draughts players to choose from! Even so, everyone received an award in the end!

We Learned a Lot!

Classes in the Sunday School are captivating, too. Not only children but also their parents come to acquire new knowledge. There are meetings for adults with seminarians, priests, matushkas, and theologians.

There are special classes for the residents of the boarding home for the mentally challenged. The sisters teach them to paint, read, and pray. The residents of the boarding home rehearse various drama performances with the help of the teachers and the sisters.

We Shared Our Love!

Thanks to the Sunday School classes, the parents of our pupils met the young patients of the boarding home for children. Recently, on St Xenia of Petersburg Day, young singers of the Bozhya Korovka (Ladybug) Choir greeted the residents of the boarding home for children. The singers' parents visited the boarding home together with their children, in spite of the fact that it was a working day. They shared the joy of this feast with the young patients. The children were singing a song about little people with strong faith, and it sounded so heart-warming!

The parents did their best to help the residents of the boarding home to feel the feast, too: a birthday party for all children born in this month was held there last Sunday. Small gifts, sweets and biscuits, a concert, and stories about the children's holy patrons blended together in one big and meaningful day, which will be remembered in the boarding home for a long time.

February 12, 2018
St. Elisabeth Convent