What are we cultivating in our young girls today?

Most children learn to identify themselves by what they have been noticed for, early on in their lives by the important people around them. Believe it or not, what we say to our young people can impact them for a lifetime. In today’s world, beauty and physical appearance are attributes so commonly nurtured and encouraged in young women. It’s no surprise then, that so many young girls today have identities and worth, that are heavily wrapped up in their physical appearance. Whether we know it or not, we are subconsciously driven to encourage and perpetuate these societal norms.

But, today, I encourage you to go out and do something a little different. Choose today, to empower a little girl by noticing something about who she is, other than her appearance. Choose to notice something about who she is, at her core. Take notice of something that stage of life, hormones, and puberty will not change! Choose to compliment something that she actually has control over: continuing to cultivate in her life.

Make it a point to notice, her fun personality, her contagious smile, the joy she brings others, her warmth, her intelligence, her interests, her humor, her curiosities, the things that seem to bring her the most joy, or her kind and compassionate, inclusive nature. Notice her strength and her physical capabilities over her physical attributes. It is in nurturing these gifts in others, that we bring lasting beauty to the world.

Source: http://www.familylifeministry.atlanta.goarch.org/healthy-minds-healthy-souls-what-are-we-cultivating-in-our-young-girls-today/