Parable of the Day: Elder Paisios on Marriage

A young man who couldn’t bring himself to marrying came to seek advice from Elder Paisios. The elder told him that one needs to be a little audacious and irrational to marry and added this parable to illustrate his words:

– It started raining, and water was pouring down the mountain creek. There were two guys standing on one shore of the creek and trying to cross it. One of these guys was very smart, while the other was dumb. “When the rain is over,” the smart guy thought, “the water will subside, and I will be able to cross the creek.” The dumb guy didn’t wait for the rain to stop: he crossed the creek anyway. Of course, his clothes were wet but he managed to get to his chosen destination. Rain wouldn’t stop: it was getting heavier and heavier. Now the current was too wide to cross. The smart guy had to remain on his shore because the creek was too dangerous to cross.

This is what happens to the smart guys who are too slow in setting out on the journey of Christian living.

Translated from: azbyka.ru/days