Exerpts from Sermons: "One has to unlearn judging others..."

The Rev Andrew Malakhovsky: Humans cannot get out of the seething flow of sinful filth, so they often die because they are maladapted to living in this sinful scum. Anyone who does not have a point of support or a helper to get out of this sea, needs an island or a ship or someone else's hand to pull him out. Likewise, a human being cannot get out of the sea of sin independently because there is no island in this sea. Many souls get drowned in this sea. Only God's hand, only the ship of the Church where we all stay now, can help us. This is why the Lord has granted us this ship — this Church. The Lord pulls us out of this sea and helps us to get rid of this sinful abyss. Every ship has certain rules in place, and the entire crew has to follow them; similarly, there are certain rules in the Church, which allow us to keep going and eventually reach the haven (the much-desired Kingdom of God) together. May the Lord help us to stay on this ship and obey Him.

Sermon after a Liturgy in the Boarding Home for Children with Special Needs on August 5, 2016

The Rev Valery Zakharov: Sin is when we are separated from God by a wall of misunderstanding. It is when our inner beauty breaks up into pieces like glass. If a glass bowl falls on a stone, it crushes and it is almost impossible to restore it. The same happens to us sometimes but — and it's a miracle — the Lord has enough power to restore us back to our original pre-Fall condition. Of course, it depends on us, too. We should open up our hearts to Him and allow Him to go ahead. Only then this miracle is possible — sin disappears and we can enjoy direct and unhindered access to God.

Sermon before the Confession in the Boarding Home for Children with SpecialNeeds on July 8, 2016
The Lord teaches us the laws of His Kingdom. «Blessed are the poor in spirit: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness: for they shall be filled. Blessed are the merciful: for they shall obtain mercy». We perceive these words as if they refer to someone else. Nevertheless, these words pertain to us. It is we who must become like this. We have to move towards this goal. By reminding us of it, the Lord does not intend to admonish us for our inability to live in accordance with His commandments: He helps us to find a seed of righteousness inside our hearts and grow it on the field where it can bring forth fruit.
Sermon after a Liturgy in the Boarding Home for Children with Special Needson July 16, 2016

We try to talk with God in prayer, and sometimes we succeed. At the same time, we attempt to hear His replies, and this is how we begin to have a conversation. Someone talks loud and clear, someone whispers to the Lord, someone sings — and the Lord responds to all their requests. If we can't see or understand it, it doesn't mean that the Lord turns a deaf ear to our requests. More often than not, it is us who cannot hear His replies. When we begin to talk with God, we should not only say something to Him without getting distracted, but also hear what the Lord tells us. People who haven't experienced it may consider it impossible and weird; those who have experienced it stop talking and keep silent because when you talk, you can't hear clearly. One cannot talk and listen at the same time. We need to be attentive both when we pray and when we try to hear what the Lord wants to tell us. This effort initiates God's mercy. He gives us what we ask Him for when He sees that we really need it. We get what we ask for to the extent of how much we yearn for it and believe in God. It does not depend on our age or education or the years we spend in church. Everything depends on how ready we are to open our hearts to God. Let us ask for God's help.
Sermon after an Akathist in the Boarding Home for Children with Special Needs on August 5, 2016

Communion helps us to push sin aside. God intervenes to instil silence and peacefulness of eternity, the eternal life, into our hearts.
Sermon after a Liturgy in the Boarding Home for Children with Special Needs on August 6, 2016

The Very Rev Andrew Lemeshonok: We must never give up. We must not listen to the sin, however hard it tries to make us believe that we are flesh and will die forever. The Lord says that there is a Heaven. «Let us lift up our hearts!»

Sermon after the Liturgy on August 7, 2016

The Rev Alexander Pashkovsky: It is vital that our heart only has good intentions so that we can learn to see only good things and justify everyone's actions, since we all are weak.
One has to unlearn judging others in order to be saved.
 Sermon after the Liturgy on August 3, 2016

The Very Rev Demetrius Basalygo: There are people who try to understand God, the Trinity, and the faith rationally, but it is useless because faith is a combination of the heart and the mind.

Sermon after the Liturgy on August 4, 2016

The Rev George Glinsky: People who want to live according to God's commandments but do not want to combine their love towards God with love towards their neighbours, become fundamentalists, religious fanatics who don't care about human lives.
Faith implies trust in God, openness towards other people, and the understanding that it is not just your own salvation but also the salvation of other people that is valuable and important for God, and that God loves all people equally and they all are precious to Him.
The Lord gives us life. We should not breed certain feelings artificially and go with the flow of our moods. Just like the tree from one of the Lord's parables, we should develop love towards all people who could then hide in the shade of our love.
Sermon after the Liturgy on August 2, 2016
God is always looking at us. He always waits for our desire, our motivation, and our love. He does not need it but being a loving Father, He accepts it. The only thing that we need to bridge the gap between us and God is determination.

Sermon after the All-Night Vigil on August 1, 2016