Ministry Update: A wonderland for children

Angel and Porcelain Bells
An Angel was sitting in the heaven and listening to ringing bells. The usual loud reverberating sound suddenly dissipated into a tender tinkle, as if someone struck dozens of porcelain bells all at once. This chime was so nice that the Angel decided to go down. Once he was on Earth, he saw many children who laughed. «Oh, that's what you look like, God's bells! »
Children are pure creatures, so they noticed the heavenly guest, too. They stretched their hands to touch him. «Angel, would you like us to show you our world? » The Angel smiled.

The Wondrous Journey Begins Here
The children surrounded the Angel and led him along the monastery walls.
Here they met other children who looked as if they came from a different fairy tale: their smiles and their eyes were different — they were sunny children, indeed.
We adults know that some people live in boarding homes. We also know that some children are born with disabilities. However, this fact does not mean they must be left alone. We know it, too; so we do your best to break down the wall.
«Tinkle-dinkle» the children laughed. «Ding-dong» the clock struck. «Dong-dong» a girl fell down from above.
«Oh, where am I? » the guest shook off her blue dress (she wasn't frightened at all, it seemed) and introduced herself, «I'm Alice. What are your names? »
Everyone introduced themselves. Alice looked around:
— How interesting! Let's see what's going on here.
— Oh, look, a tree! A tree is walking towards us! — exclaimed a young boy.
The living tree had many pointers on its branches: Turn Right; No, Turn Left; Go Forward; Stand Still, It's Way Better.
«Dear Tree», Alice said respectfully, «you must be a local and you know everything, right? Can you tell us where to go? »
— Where do you want to get? — The Tree asked.
— Wherever. — Alice replied.
— Well, then you can go wherever you want. — The Tree stretched his branches in all directions.
— How is it possible? — Alice was puzzled. — How can we get to three places at once?
The Tree paused to think.

How Can One Be In Three Places At Once?
— Did I hear that someone wanted to get to three places at once? — someone's smile hung in the air. — It's easy! You simply have to walk clockwise.
A Rabbit came and took a watch from his pocket. The watch turned out to be a map.
— You simply have to decide which train you take. — The face, the paws, and the tail of the Cheshire Cat appeared. — And then you are ready to travel around our Wonderland.
Everyone wanted to travel around the Wonderland. The children formed three very long trains led by Alice, the Cat, and the Rabbit. The children went to the Wonderland, and each of them had a magic land of their own.
The Wonderland is the place where everything seems strange and wonderful.
The Wonderland is the place where everything is made of fruit jelly.
The Wonderland is the place where Mom and Dad live.
The Wonderland is the place where I will ache no more.
What Is Essential Is Invisible To The Eye

Everything in this Wonderland is unusual. Strong giants and little plywood men live in the Wonderland. Everyone can taste delicious and sweet buns that make you a better person. Everyone sings and dances. Little dogs walk on their hind legs. Mimes, rather than traffic lights, regulate the traffic. In the evening, the streets are lit with stars, not lanterns. People tell each other fairy tales instead of news. The tourists keep colorful cartoons in their albums to remember their journey around this country. You can always return to this land, and you don't need to buy a train ticket. You can simply look into your heart...