Lost Biblical City Found from the Time of Solomon's Temple

Archeologists found traces of a city from the era of the First Temple.

Jerusalem. According to the Jewish Press agency, on the territory of the training base of the Israeli military forces, the archeologists found the traces of the city of the period of the First Temple, which was considered lost forever after the earthquake.

The excavations were conducted near the city of Beit El in Samaria. The scientists found out that at first only dozens of people lived in that place. However, during the time of the Persians’ rule and the era of the Hasmoneans (2-1st century B.C.) the settlement grew to the city scales.

“It is a wonderful discovery! We found the keys from the doors of dwelling houses, the instruments that had been used by the Jews and the buildings that refer to the period of the First Temple”, - says Eugene Aharonovich, an archeologists from the Beit El administration.

The scientists found out that during the time of the Roman reign the city was empty for a long time. However, during the Byzantine period the city was settled by the Christian monks, who built there a monastery. The archeologists found a church, a refectory and a well-preserved bath-house. 

“The Byzantine settlement existed until the invasion of the Muslims in the 7th century, when it was destroyed, and the Christian inhabitants were exiled. Then the Muslims took their place. Among the findings that refer to that period there are also the storages with a large amount of barrels that had been used in olive oil trade”, - says the archeologist.

According to his words, the city literally went into the earth as a result of the earthquake happened in 748 and since then it was considered lost forever.

Source: http://www.sedmitza.ru/text/7540636.html