Top 5 Blog Posts of the Week

5. British Ambassador Visits St.Elisabeth Convent and the Women's Rehabilitation Center

On November 24, Ms. Fiona Gibb, British Ambassador to Belarus, and Mr. Ian Fox, Deputy Head of Mission, visited the women’s rehabilitation center founded by St. Elisabeth Convent and located near the village of Nialidavičy in the Minsk region. Nun Varvara (Atrasevitch), the head sister at the center, as well as the residents and the workers of the Convent, greeted the honored guests…READ FULL STORY

4. About The Nativity Fast

On November 28th is the beginning of fasting time that prepares us for Christmas; many will turn to fasting, eating those things which are appointed by the Church; but is that the fast which God wishes us to keep? Listen to what the Lord said to the Hebrews, from the lips of Isaiah the Prophet…READ FULL STORY

3. Who wrote the Gospel of Matthew?

Who wrote the Synoptic Gospels? Their titles bear the names of Matthew, Mark, and Luke, but did those men actually draft them? Modern scholarship has called this previous assumption into question, with some going so far as to say that the men whose names adorn the books were long since dead…READ FULL STORY

2. The Tetramorph in Christian Art

Though more likely to appear in the Western art, any experience of Christian iconography will present us at one time or another with the image of some odd, winged creatures, with the heads and features of animals. Usually on Gospel Books, though sometimes in the architecture of church buildings, the appearance of such fantastical creatures might seem bewildering to those who are new to the Christian Faith. Yet these angel-winged creatures – collectively called the Tetramorph – are found in the Old and New Testaments of the Bible, and their symbolism explains their presence on the binding of Gospel Books…READ FULL STORY

1. When Are We to Fast: Midnight-to-Midnight, or Vespers-to-Vespers?

I have been confused about the fasting regulations; I understand them with regard to what we can or cannot eat on certain days, but when does the day begin? I am a simple soul and was simply keeping the day from the time I got up till I went to bed, then someone said that in the Orthodox Church the day begins at Vespers and so we should keep the fasts from evening (say 6 p.m) to evening. What is right?...READ FULL STORY

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