Top 5 Blog Posts of the Last Week

5. St. Elisabeth Convent Opens a Chapel at a Medical University Dormitory

It is 5:30 a.m. November 22, Minsk at the student dormitory. Some windows are shining in the morning darkness, and the doors of the dormitory of the Medical University are still closed. We knock on the door, and a sprightly warden opens it for us and invites us to go up on the second floor, where the hours are being read alreadyREAD FULL STORY

4. St. Alexander Nevsky: On the Outside Struggle, on the Inside Serenity

The son of Prince Yaroslav, his heart was drawn to God from his youth. He overcame the Swedes on the river Neva on July 15th, 1240, whence he took the name ‘of the Neva’. On that occasion, Ss Boris and Gleb appeared to one of Alexander’s generals and promised their aid to the great prince, their kinsman. Among the Golden Horde of the Tartars, he refused to sacrifice to idols or pass through fire. The Tartar Khan valued him for his wisdom, and his physical strength and beauty. He built many churches, and performed innumerable works of mercy…READ FULL STORY

3. Introduction to the Divine Liturgy: The Eucharist Reenacted

The Divine Liturgy in its swaddlings at the beginning of the Christian era consisted of free hymns and prayers for the officiating of a certain framework of faith. It was officiated long before the beginning of the writings of the New Testament. The Divine Liturgy as such was the center of the inspiration of the first Christians in their communion with God and with one another…READ FULL STORY

2. How did the census of the Roman empire set the stage for the Nativity of Christ?

The border between the two Testaments became the day that changed the whole life of Mary.  However, the real line between the Old and the New would lie along the river of Jordan. Christ says: “Before John there is the Law of Moses and the Prophets”. He himself kept silent until the moment the voice of His Forerunner had sounded…READ FULL STORY

1. "The Church is not a Social Club"

The Church is not just a social club, where you can go if you want, where you can listen to choirs, have a rest for your soul, console yourself and then leave it go on your way. It is a place where we meet God. And this meeting changes a person significantly...READ FULL STORY

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