The sisters from St.Elisabeth Convent invite you to the Charity Christmas Fair in Brussels in December 2016

The sisters from the Orthodox Convent in Belarus invite you to visit the Christmas charity   fair!

14 years in a row the Christmas fair featuring the products made by the workshops of St. Elisabeth Convent in Belarus has opened its doors for visitors in Brussels. This year the sisters will be glad to see you on December 3, 2017 – January 14, 2017 in UOPC book store located at the following address: 
Avenue Gustave Demey 14-16, 1160 Bruxelles 
(Mon - Sat, 09.30 - 19.00).

The Convent and the Sisterhood in honor of St. Martyr Grand Duchess Elisabeth serve, visit and support the National Mental Health Hospital, Boarding Home №3 for adults with special needs, a boarding school for children with special needs, a tuberculosis hospital, a hospice, and the boarding homes for orphaned children. The aim of the Charity fair is to help the afflicted people, who need our attention and support.

“More than 2000 years ago the Wise Men gave their gifts to the Savior who had come to this world. Today there are gifts we can give to the Lord as well – these are: our love to our neighbors and the deeds of charity”, say the sisters.

At the fair of the Convent’s products you will see a wide range of icons, handmade ceramic goods, souvenirs and many others.

This year the visitors of the Christmas fair will have an opportunity to venerate the icon of St. Martyr Grand Duchess Elisabeth, who is the patron saint of the Convent, with the particle of her holy relics.

A festive fair of St. Elisabeth Convent is a great opportunity to for everyone to take part in deeds of mercy and spend time in a kind and warm family setting.

During the fair the following events will take place:

December 3, Saturday, 13:00  A moleben devoted to the opening of the Christmas fair.

December 7, Wednesday, 19:00 and
December 14, Wednesday, 19:00 – An evening presentation “Healing power of herbals”. You will acquaint yourself with the Convent’s wide range of health care and cosmetic products (creams, balsams, herbal collections and many others).

December 6, Tuesday, 17:00 – A feast for children “St. Nicholas’ Day” (a stage play “The life of St. Nicholas”, an entertainment program).

December 16, Friday, 17:00 – A festive evening event for children “The Light of Christmas”. The games and competitions with fun surprises for you and your children!

On Tuesdays and Thursdays (December 6 – 22), 19:00 – A master class “Crushed stone painting”.

You will learn about an unusual painting technique – crushed stone painting. Using the crushed semi-precious stones instead of usual paints, an artist creates beautiful icons, sceneries and atill-life paintings. You can not only watch a painter at his work, but try to make your own small work of art as well!

You can send your requests for participation via e-mail: st.elisabeth.shop@gmail.com (with a note “Signing up for a master class”)

A similar fair of the products made by the workshops of St. Elisabeth Convent will take place to the address: Abdij van Park 5, 3001 Leuven (Kerk in Nood) – on December 6 – 16.

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