Why Are Orthodox Christian Priests Allowed to be Married?

Apparently there is some confusion between the requirements for priesthood in the Roman Catholic Church, and the requirements in the Eastern Orthodox Church.  In Orthodoxy it is true that priests cannot get married, but this is a misleading way to phrase things. Married men may be ordained to the presbyterate (become a priest) if they are qualified, but a man who has been ordained to priesthood, and who is single (celibate), cannot get married. A man must make a decision regarding his state of life and ministry (married or celibate) before his ordination as deacon or presbyter (priest), and then may not change.
This has been the historical position of the Church all the way back to ancient times.  There have been married priests, and even married bishops at times, all the way back to the Apostles.

Source: https://www.orthodoxanswers.org/i-thought-priests-could-not-marry-why-are-orthodox-priests-married/