"There Is no Death!": a Short Paschal Sermon

By Fr. Andrew Lemeshonok

There is no death! You see?! And we need to live with this because life on the brink of a grave turns into hell. When people live hiding from themselves, their existence becomes just unbearable. When a person is lying to himself and is getting confused in simple things, then his whole life turns into torture and suffering. We cannot avoid sufferings, but still they can be different: some of them lead a person to eternal life, while the others bring him to his death.

Today we have entered the joy of the Lord. However, we cannon feel joy all the time. We can be in pain, we can lose other people, something can vanish or ruin in our lives – these things are unavoidable. People love each other and cannot stop thinking that they will bury each other sooner or later and that there will be nothing more than that… It is important for us to understand that we will not split up, we will be together forever because the Kingdom of Heaven is the victory over loneliness, over the life, in which a person is trapped in his shell but keeps thinking that his life is wonderful.

A person may have money, fame, respect, a position in this world, but all these achievements of his life are temporary, they will go eventually. With what is the soul of a person left then? This is why we need to gather God’s gifts and become rich in God (Ref. Luke 12:21). Today’s night is our small contribution to our heavenly life. We did not sleep, we got tired – and this is good! We made that for God. How often we got tired because of our own foolishness, how often we work without any reason, without understanding what we do this for and without getting anything! But here we have worked for God. Serve the Lord with fear, and rejoice with trembling (Psalm 2:11).

Today we need to share this small drop of love, this particle of God's grace, with everyone who is around us, to give to everyone – then we will not be alone. How many people there are around us! We all are like small torches, which will spread all over the city and will bing light to the homes where we go and to the people to whom we will say, “Crist is risen!”

April 8, 2018
St. Elisabeth Convent