Top 5 Blog Posts for the Week of September 11th, 2017

5. Preparing to be a Monastic in the Modern World

An interview with Bishop Benjamin of Borisov and Maryina Horka about the monastic life in the modern world…Read full interview

4. Metropolitan Anthony of Sourozh: "Doubt Should not Be Feared"

When a scientist gathers facts, they are at first uncoordinated. Then he gathers them together, and some kind of general picture emerges. It seems integral. At this point, if he is a true scientist, he will pose a question to himself: where are the cracks? I will search for a fact that will dismantle the integrity of my conception, since my conception is limited…Read full article

3. Can a Person Be Too Rich for Heaven?

It seems much of the world is in for a slow recovery from the economic malaise of the past few years. What Christians aim to see "fixed" are not the fine points of banking laws, executive salaries, mortgage-backed securities regulations, or bankruptcy protections. Certainly, such changes have their place…Read full article

2. About the Particles Taken out During the Proskomedia

Since ancient Apostolic times the Liturgy was served with one Bread (and one Chalice) following Christ’s example. This tradition remained in the West. In the East, according to Archimandrite Cyprian (Kern), “The Byzantine Empire weaved a lot of theological and mystical patterns in the liturgical cloth”…Read full article

1. St. Nicholas Orthodox Church Lost on 9/11 Rises Again at World Trade Center

Just in time for the 16th anniversary of the World Trade Center attacks on September 11, 2001, a formal lease and purchase agreement has been signed with the Port Authority for The Saint Nicholas National Shrine at the World Trade Center…Read full article