A brief history of the Tabynsk icon of the Mother of God

The Tabynsk icon of the Mother of God is known for its many miracles. The icon first appeared in the second half of the 16th century to a hierodeacon in a monastery located near the village of Tabynsk. The sacred image was often taken to Kazan and Ufa so that other would have a chance to venerate it. The icon miraculously disappeared from there and reappeared again near the village of Tabynsk, where the icon then remained in the monastery.

Starting from 1676 there is no historical information about the icon. It is know that in the 18th century the image was found by bashkirs, who mistreated the icon and lost their eyesight. They were forced to wander blind in the forest until one of them repented and got his eyesight back. On the ninth Friday after Easter, when the icon was found, a large about of people gathered in Tabynsk, and on the following Sunday the icon was taken to the “Holy Stream” – the place the image of the Mother of God appeared.

In the 20th century in 1918 the Tabynsk icon was taken to China by Cossacks Ataman Dutov. According to certain sources, the icon remained in a monastery in Harbin until 1948. There the icon became known for its miracles and even the Chinese people would say the icon brought them good fortune. 

Translated from: http://www.patriarchia.ru/db/text/914114.html