Blessing of the Waters and Festive Celebrations on the Territory of the Men's Rehabilitation Center

“Theophany is a truly sacred feast day for all the brothers at the rehabilitation center. It is a Feast Day during which everyone at the rehabilitation center can showcase their true potential and abilities.”

Sergei, Head Brother at the Men’s Rehabilitation Center

It is always a pleasure to continue the festal celebrations of Theophany at the Men’s Rehabilitation Center at our Convent. Sergei, the brother in charge at the rehabilitation center says that Theophany has a special meaning for all of the residents of the center because everyone takes part in the preparation process. According to brother Anatoli and brother Sergei the work which includes decorating, cutting out the cross in the ice, ice sculpting and much more are not easy tasks but are done with great joy. Brother Gennadi noted that this year there is much planned as part of the festivities and the activities will be diverse and interesting. 

The guests will be offered refreshments, there will be an open market, guided tours, horseback riding and bonfires. Brother Igor noted “Nowadays my approach to faith and to Theophany is entirely different, it is too bad that you begin to feel this way only at the end of your life.”

January 19, 2018

St. Elisabeth Convent