Children’s Camp with a History: Children Arrived to Camp “Nezabudka” for the 16th Time

On June 25, camp "Nezabudka" opened for the sixteenth time on the grounds of the metachion of St. Elisabeth Convent. For the next three weeks, 60 girls and boys will live in a tent camp outdoors and will be surrounded by beautiful nature together with old and new friends because for many of them it is not their first time.

Children love this place because they are able to interact and an interesting program, which was developed by camp counselors.

The camp has time set aside for obedience, prayer, reading spiritual literature, and of course there is a time for games, sports, creativity and hikes. Here children learn to be more responsible and independent: they help adults to cook, to clean, and to do various jobs.

Here camp counselors are open to new things and have the utmost respect for the children’s opinions and wishes. They also honor the traditions that have been developed in Nezabudka for the past sixteen years. This includes processions in the evenings around the camp, the Saturday liturgies in the Church located on the grounds of the metachion where children are able to sing in the choir as well as Sunday liturgies in the village Church in honor of the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul, a fun day fair when parents visit, and farewell bonfires at the end of the camp.

There are many who want to come to camp! The second session has already been formed. Nezabudka camp will be open until the end of July.

St. Elisabeth Convent,
July, 2017