Movie suggestion: The Three Parables

Five years has passed since the release of The Three Parables. The film now has English subtitles. And we would like to recommend the film to anyone interested. Here is brief synopsys and trailer

The first story, "A Strange Obedience", refers to the life of St Macarius of Egypt written in the Ancient Patericon. This is a story about an inexperienced novice who has romantic dreams about monasticism. The novice is haunted and plagued by temptations. The main character often finds himself in funny situations on his way to spiritual prowess.

A parable by Saint Basil of Kineshma serves as the basis for the second story, "A Silent Prayer". Various people visit an Elder seeking his spiritual guidance. He never stops in his prayers for all who suffer. However, people ask him for help over and over again. They keep asking his spiritual advice and prayers. The Elder starts to doubt if God can hear him. An Angel comes to him while he is asleep and helps him overcome his doubt.

The third story, "A Visit of the Saviour" is based on a sermon said by Archimandrite Pavel (Gruzdev). A fool-for-Christ who lives near a monastery tells a parishioner named Mary that Christ will pay her a visit. Neighbour boy Vasyatka hears that. Both of them are waiting for the Guest. Mary is praying and making the festive table. On the other hand, Vasyatka has several cases that day when he has to choose between his daily delights and the essential thing he wants to ask Christ for.

"Three Parables" imply there is a lesson we can learn. The film lets the audience see the inner spiritual life, which no eye can see.