Top 5 Blog Posts of the Week of February 27th

5. Beginning the God Pleasing Lent

With God’s help we are beginning the Great Lent. We have to start to work on ourselves, to set our thoughts in order. Our inner man should restore. All our thoughts and feelings are devastated, tangled and crushed by the sin. How can we live in such a condition and say that we are Christians?...READ FULL ARTICLE

4. Excerpts from Sermons: God Granted Us a New Life

Often we think that the Church is something external, like an organization, an institution or a building. In fact, the Church is a new way of living, in which God unites with us. We all become the body of Christ, and get the eternal life in this union…READ FULL ARTICLE

3. Three Helpful Principles of Fasting

You ask about guidelines for fasting and whether all the rules you have read about amount to legalism. I will try to answer you as best as I can…READ FULL ARTICLE

2. Surviving the Great Lent... and flourishing

Most of us remember days in our life that have been so packed with activity that we skip breakfast, lunch, or dinner - or even all three. As a result, we can end up functioning for a whole day or more, depleted of energy, lethargic, or depressed…READ FULL ARTICLE

1. The Who's Who of the Great Canon of St. Andrew of Crete

As we approach Great Lent, the time given to us specifically for repentance, the Church gives us a whole host of images to help us. St. John of Kronstadt teaches that: “Imagery or symbols are a necessity of human nature in our presently spiritually sensual condition; they explain [by the vision] many things belonging to the spiritual world which we could not know without images and symbols”…READ FULL ARTICLE