Join our Artistic Photo Contest: "Awaiting for your little miracles..."

 About the Contest

Nativity is one of the most important and miraculous feast days. The Catalog of Good Deeds invites you to share your holiday feelings and tell us about your little miracles by sending us your original photographs. To do this we have organized the “Awaiting for your little miracles...” photo contest.

Contest Rules and Instructions

Take an original picture with your camera. It should be a picture, which you feel best, depicts a miracle for the upcoming holiday season. The photo must be your original work!

Create a caption or a title for your photo. You can also use a quote from the Bible or the Holy Fathers, but make sure to indicate the source.

Submit your original content via email to: st.elisabeth.shop@gmail.com

All submissions will be accepted and considered from November 15, 2016 to January 10th, 2017.

Each contestant can submit up to 3 photos.

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On January 16, the top 10 images will be selected and reposted in our blog, newsletter and social media. Top three places will receive prizes. Prizes are shown below:

First Place:  Handpainted Ceramic Teapot

Second Place:  Handpainted Ceramic Cup with a Lid

Third Place: Handpainted Ceramic Mug

We look forward to receiving your little miracles...