The Akathist to the Icon of the Mother of God of Iveron

Kontakion 1

O chosen Champion, Our Lady the Mother of God, we thy servants bring thee a song of praise, bearing as it were thine honoured image in procession like a mighty shield, an unbreakable wall, an unsleeping guard; and thou, as thou hast invincible power, cover and protect us, Lady, from all our enemies seen and unseen, and deliver us from all harm to body or soul, who cry to thee: Rejoice, blessed Lady of the Portal, opening the gate of Paradise to the faithful!

Ikos 1

The leader of the angels was sent to speak to the Mother of God, that her apostolic service might fall upon the land of Iviron: Separate not thyself from Jerusalem, for it is thy lot to enlighten her in the last days; for God hath laid it upon thee to work for the world: wherefore we cry to thee:
Rejoice, by whom the Gospel is spread abroad.
Rejoice, by whom the lure of idols is made vain.
Rejoice, by whom the power of the Prince of Darkness is broken.
Rejoice, by whom the Kingdom of Christ is confirmed.
Rejoice, recalling to the light of the Gospel those sunken in darkness.
Rejoice, leading us from the slavery of the Devil into the glorious liberty of the children of God.
Rejoice, ready handmaid of thy Son and God.
Rejoice, by thy obedience atoning for the disobedience of Eve.
Rejoice, height of beneficence.
Rejoice, depth of humility.
Rejoice, by whom the unbelieving come to know the Creator.
Rejoice, by whom the faithful are adopted as sons by the Father.
Rejoice, blessed Lady of the Portal, opening the gate of Paradise to the faithful!

Kontakion 2

The Holy Virgin seeing the wonderful new plan of God, as his handmaid was as ever ready to carry it out, crying: Alleluia.

Ikos 2

The mysterious meaning of the Angel's word was clear to thee, Purest One, and in obedience to it thou didst wend thy way to Mount Athos, to spread the Gospel, as the lot fell to thee. And we joyfully sing to thee:
Rejoice, illuminating Athos with thy coming.
Rejoice, dispersing the darkness of idols.
Rejoice, planting there the true faith.
Rejoice, driving out unbelief.
Rejoice, taking this Mountain into thy care.
Rejoice, promising grace to this place.
Rejoice, bestowing earthly joy on the faithful dwellers therein.
Rejoice, assuring them of eternal salvation.
Rejoice, fervent intercessor for those in thy care.
Rejoice, destroyer of all their foes.
Rejoice, promising thy Son' s mercy to this place till the end of time.
Rejoice, foretelling that his grace should never leave it.
Rejoice, blessed Lady of the Portal, opening the gate of Paradise to the faithful!

Kontakion 3

At the intercession of the Mother of God, the power of the Most High overshadowed the holy mountain, and its glens and thickets appeared as a great harvest-field full of religious eager to reap their salvation, as they sang to her: Alleluia.

Ikos 3

Having in mind the lot of the people of the land of Iviron, thou didst settle thyself in their midst, even upon Mount Athos, to them all a shelter, a quiet harbour of salvation to them, giving them thy icon as a shield and guard, and all cried out:
Rejoice, glorious preacher of the Gospel in the land of Iviron.
Rejoice, turning this land from the lure of idols to the light of Christ.
Rejoice, branch of the deathless Vine, giving wondrous grapes.
Rejoice, bearing branches of miracle-grapes and the blessings of faith.
Rejoice, who hast planted a spritiual garden on Athos.
Rejoice, watering the land of Iviron with the stream of spiritual enlightenment flowing therefrom.
Rejoice, fair speech from lips of gold.
Rejoice, unshakable tower of the fortress.
Rejoice, strength of honourable Tsars.
Rejoice, protecting wall of monks.
Rejoice, quiet harbour for those who seek salvation.
Rejoice, preparing for them an endless rest.
Rejoice, blessed Lady of the Portal, opening the gate of Paradise to the faithful!

Kontakion 4

The noble widow was tossed by a storm of inward doubts, when in Nicea, perplexed, she saw the sacrilegious warrior pierce with his spear the face of the holy and honoured icon of the Mother of God, and blood issuing from it; seized with fear lest the holy icon be defaced, with prayers and tears she flung it into the sea. But seeing it on the surface of the water making its way towards the west, she cried joyfully: Alleluia.

Ikos 4

When the monks of the holy mountain saw it proceeding over the sea like a burning flame, even a pillar of fire, lighting up the heavens like the shining sun, and in the night drawing near to the shore; and knowing it for the holy icon of the Mother of God, borne on the waves by a supernatural power, they cried to the Blessed One:
Rejoice, Burning Bush, foreseen by those who kept the law.
Rejoice, pillar of fire, enlightening those who sit in darkness.
Rejoice, stairway leading up to Heaven, whereby God came down.
Rejoice, bridge leading creatures from earth to Heaven.
Rejoice, dawn of the mysterious day.
Rejoice, star that brought forth the sun.
Rejoice, who gavest birth to the light that is beyond words.
Rejoice, who hast taught no one how it was done.
Rejoice, clothed with the sun, radiant with grace and glory.
Rejoice, lightning, illuminating souls, lighting up faithful minds.
Rejoice, radiance shining in darkness.
Rejoice, bringing forth the many splendid glory.
Rejoice, blessed Lady of the Portal, opening the gate of Paradise to the faithful!

Kontakion 5

Wishing to give thy God-sent icon to the dwellers in Iviron, thou didst speak, Mother of God, to the Elder Gabriel: "Go down with the choir of monks to the seashore, enter the water and bring up my icon;" and he, filled with faith and love, walked over the water as if on dry land, took it in his bosom, and they, receiving the treasure, all unworthy of it, to be their own icon of Iviron, joyfully sang: Alleluia.

Ikos 5

The monks of Iviron, seeing the icon of the Mother of God many times rise out of its shrine and fly up the wall above the monastery gate, borne by an invisible force, were terrified, and standing cried to her thus:
Rejoice, deigning to bestow on us thy holy icon.
Rejoice, promising us to be our defence.
Rejoice, showing thy love to our hermitage.
Rejoice, showing thy beneficient plan for us.
Rejoice, our help in strange lands.
Rejoice, our comfort on pilgrimages.
Rejoice, God's goodness to us.
Rejoice, our boldness to God.
Rejoice, who dost dry our tears.
Rejoice, protectress of us orphans.
Rejoice, our defender.
Rejoice, our only joy.
Rejoice, blessed Lady of the Portal, opening the gate of Paradise to the faithful!

Kontakion 6

When the elder Gabriel had done thy will, thou saidst to him, O Lady: "I have not come to be preserved by you, but to be your preserver, both in this world and the world to come. Behold, I give you a sign: as long as you see my icon in this monastery, my Son's mercy will not be withdrawn from you, who all cry to him: Alleluia."

Ikos 6

The monks, beaming with joy on hearing thy great promise, Mother of God, raised a shrine above the gate of the monastery to the heavenly Lady of the Portal, joyfully crying out thus:
Rejoice, our protectress in this life.
Rejoice, our leader into the next.
Rejoice, teaching us the fear of God.
Rejoice, setting us in the way of good works.
Rejoice, our boldness and our hope.
Rejoice, our confidence and protection.
Rejoice, inclining to us the Son, the fruit of thy womb.
Rejoice, giving us good news of his inalienable grace among us.
Rejoice, giving thy holy icon to us as a pledge of mercy.
Rejoice, giving with it miraculous gifts.
Rejoice, turning away all threat of evil from our retreat.
Rejoice, giving all a safe going-out.
Rejoice, blessed Lady of the Portal, opening the gate of Paradise to the faithful!

Kontakion 7

One day the wicked Amir thought to destroy the Iverskaya hermitage, and scatter the flock of monks gathered there; but soon after he learned that the Mother of God was their strong defence, as he saw his ships flounder in the depths of the sea, and his warriors destroyed; whereupon he humbly brought silver and gold to the hermitage, asking their prayers. The monks, seeing this, cried to God: Alleluia.

Ikos 7

And new and countless miracles wrought the Mother of God, filling the hermitage with wine, flour and oil, healing those possessed of devils, making the lame to go, the blind to see, and curing all ills, and those who saw these marvels sang to thee:
Rejoice, chosen Champion, conquering the enemies of all.
Rejoice, swift help of all who cry to thee.
Rejoice, who dost not despise our prayers.
Rejoice, who goest not back on thy word.
Rejoice, turning the grief of the hermitage into joy.
Rejoice, turning the dearth of the hermitage into abundance.
Rejoice, sight of the blind.
Rejoice, going of the lame.
Rejoice, healer of all the sick.
Rejoice, comfort of all the unhappy.
Rejoice, who never ceasest to plan for us and save us.
Rejoice, delivering us from a troubled mind.
Rejoice, blessed Lady of the Portal, opening the gate of Paradise to the faithful!

Kontakion 8

The Patriarch Nikon, hearing of the wonderful protection given by the icon of the Mother of God to the monastery of Iviron, would fain have the land of Russia share in her grace; wherefore he set up a monastery in honour of the glorious image, respectfully soliciting a copy of the wonderworking icon of the Mother of God, that those who enjoyed her protection might cry to God: Alleluia.

Ikos 8

Ever dwelling on high, but not forsaking the lowly, thou deignedst, Mother of God, to give the new monastery in the land of Russia thy blessing, even as of old to ancient Antony on Mount Athos when he established his holy cave-dwelling; even the blessing wherewith thou didst bless Athos, in honour of thy revered image. Wherefore we cry to thee:
Rejoice, protectress of the land of Russia, broader than a cloud.
Rejoice, defence and strengthening of the Orthodox faith.
Rejoice, unshakable pillar of the Orthodox Church.
Rejoice, who castest down heresy and schism.
Rejoice, icon that lightest up all the land with bright and wonderworking rays.
Rejoice, from whom flow gifts of healing and mercy.
Rejoice, strength of the sceptre of the Tsars.
Rejoice, terror of foes.
Rejoice, joy of the Saints.
Rejoice, praise of the priests.
Rejoice, patroness of monks.
Rejoice, salvation of all our race.
Rejoice, blessed Lady of the Portal, opening the gate of Paradise to the faithful!

Kontakion 9

With all reverence for the copy of the honoured image of the merciful Lady of the Portal, the host of mortified monks of Iviron finished their prayers and hymns and washed with holy water the board on which the honoured image was to be portrayed; and they consecrated the Elder Lamblichus for the work; who in fasting, prayer and vigil with all the brethren, using only holy water and blessed relics executed the noble likeness of the Mother of God, praying and crying to God: Alleluia.

Ikos 9

We see wise men silent as fish on account of thee, Mother of God; for they cannot tell how fitly to sing of thy wondrous works, done for our race through thy holy icon; for on the way to Russia, commanding the noble Manuel to give ransom to the infidels who were obstructing the progress of the holy icon into the land of Russia, thou rewardest him twofold thereafter. And we, marvelling, faithfully sing to thee:
Rejoice, inexhaustible fountain of marvels.
Rejoice, giver of all mercies.
Rejoice, ever fervent intercessor for us with God.
Rejoice, treasure of his providence.
Rejoice, refuge of those in distress.
Rejoice, comfort of the afflicted.
Rejoice, health of the sick.
Rejoice, strength of the infirm.
Rejoice, comforter of widows.
Rejoice, gentle mother of orphans.
Rejoice, guide of those who stray from the way of truth.
Rejoice, leader of sinners to repentance.
Rejoice, blessed Lady of the Portal, opening the gate of Paradise to the faithful!

Kontakion 10

Wishing to save many times from grief and misery, thou pourest forth from thy icon an unending stream of mercies on our race, Mother of God. Wherefore, blessed Lady of the Portal, in the royal city of Moscow thou didst show thyself to all who bow down to thee, giving ready help and pouring forth streams of light from thy icon in the new Iverskaya shrine; and on other cities, monasteries and all who honour thee, fulfilling thy kindly promise. Wherefore, glorifying God, who gave us so much grace, we sing to him: Alleluia.

Ikos 10

Thou art, a wall of defence to monks, O Mother of God, and to all who take refuge with thee; for the Creator of Heaven and earth dwelt in thy virgin womb, and taught all who long for purity and chastity to cry to thee:
Rejoice, chosen vessel of virginity.
Rejoice, purest image of chastity.
Rejoice, womb of seedless conception.
Rejoice, Bride ever virgin.
Rejoice, who didst bear the Sower of Purity.
Rejoice, who dost unite the faithful to the Lord.
Rejoice, swift help in the storms of temptation.
Rejoice, destroyer of the enemy's snares.
Rejoice, who sweepest away the dark passions that destroy the soul.
Rejoice, who dost purify the mind.
Rejoice, who teachest us to despise the temptations of the world.
Rejoice, directing mind and heart to Heaven.
Rejoice, blessed Lady of the Portal, opening the gate of Paradise to the faithful!

Kontakion 11

All songs must fail that try to encompass the magnitude of thy mercies; if we brought thee as many songs as the sands of the sea, Our Lady, Mother of God, we should do nothing worthy of what thou hast given to us, who sing to thee: Alleluia.

Ikos 11

We see the holy icon of the Mother of God shining in darkness like a glorious light; with its mysterious fire of grace, its miraculous rays, it illuminates all, teaching us to cry to the Blessed Lady:
Rejoice, swift help in all our need.
Rejoice, swift ear to hear in our sorrows.
Rejoice, delivering us from fire, sword and invasion by the stranger.
Rejoice, freeing us from famine and an unprovided death.
Rejoice, warding off from us poison and all deadly things.
Rejoice, sudden help to those in trouble travelling by land or sea.
Rejoice, healing of the soul's poison and the body's.
Rejoice, taking into thy hands those whom the doctors have given up.
Rejoice, merciful consoler of all sorrowful and burdened.
Rejoice, who wilt not thrust away the despised and the outcast.
Rejoice, snatching those in utmost despair from the brink of ruin.
Rejoice, who withholdest not thy protection and intercession from worthless me, whose good deeds are so few.
Rejoice, blessed Lady of the Portal, opening the gate of Paradise to the faithful!

Kontakion 12

Wishing to give grace and release from ancient debts to all debtors, the Redeemer of mankind came with thee to those who had departed from his grace, and tearing up the writ against them, gave us a mighty intercessor, high in God's grace: so to her in prayer we cry: Alleluia.

Ikos 12

As we sing thy wonders shown to us in this life, we praise thee, Mother of God, as the inexhaustible fountain of mercy: but falling down before thy wonderworking icon, we humbly pray, be our protection and shield in the day of our death, and when we come to stand before the dreadful judgement seat of they Son, let us cry to thee:
Rejoice, sitting in glory by the throne of the Son; remembering us there.
Rejoice, ever reigning with thy Son and God, and interceding for us.
Rejoice, giving confidence to those who hope in thee at their life's end.
Rejoice, making their end painless and peaceful.
Rejoice, deliverer from bitter pains.
Rejoice, deliverer from the power of the Prince of the Air.
Rejoice, who makest our sins to be forgotten.
Rejoice, God's hope to us of bliss.
Rejoice, making a place at the right hand of thy Son for those that hope in thee.
Rejoice, enabling us to hear his blessed voice that promises us a dwelling in Heaven.
Rejoice, blessed Mother, who takest to dwell with thee all who honour thee.
Rejoice, strong hope of eternal salvation to all Christians.
Rejoice, blessed Lady of the Portal, opening the gate of Paradise to the faithful!

Kontakion 13

O most holy Lady, Virgin, Mother of God, Mother whose praise all sing look down upon us humbly with tears bringing our little prayers before thy most pure image, putting all our trust and hope in thee, and deliver us from all ills and disasters in this life, and from torments in that to come, that, saved by thee, we may sing: Alleluia! Alleluia! Alleluia!