Some Simple Tips on Tithing

Many faithful people strive to practice tithing, the voluntary giving back to Christ and His Church one tenth of the income with which we are blessed. The trouble for many of us comes when we are overwhelmed with the adjustment required to actually make our intention reality.

In order to concretely approach the practice of tithing, one must have a plan, and establish the habit of tithing:

Firstly, one should determine what percentage one gives now to the church. This can be done by comparing the previous year's income with the previous year's givings to the church. Most North American church goers give between one and two percent of their income.

Secondly, wherever your giving is, resolve to give at least one percent more for 2019 (if you gave two percent in 2018, resolve to give three or four percent in 2019).

Thirdly, break down your total into twelve portions, and write out twelve post-dated cheques. This allows the church to plan for the year ahead, and is a tangible step toward establishing the kind of habit of giving that can lead to tithing.

Fourthly, resolve to increase your giving at least one percent each year until you achieve the goal of giving back to Christ one tenth of the gifts He gives you - allowing yourself to benefit from ninety percent of these blessings, while serving Christ with the rest.

It is important to remember that tithing is the traditional, accepted practice of the Church, and is a critical part of making spiritual progress along with Confession, Communion, and prayer. Let us ask God to bless our progress in all these things, and take the necessary steps to achieve them in our life.

By Archpriest Geoffrey Korz

Source: http://www.asna.ca/articles/200601-04.html