Ministry Update: A modern day exaltation of the cross.

On April 5th, 2016 during the Week of the Veneration of the Cross and the third week of Great Lent the domes and the cross for the church of St. John of Shanghai and San Francisco were blessed and installed. This was yet another accomplishment in the construction of this important church because it will be open to the patients of the National Psychiatric Hospital, as it is located on the grounds of the hospital. The spiritual father of the convent, archpriest Andrew Lemeshonok served a moleben to bless the cross and the domes (kupolas). The monastics, construction workers and convent parishioners attended the service.

“I ask for God’s help and for the prayers of Saint John, as I would like the main architect of the church to be the Lord himself…,” said monk Dimitry, the head architect of the project.

The church will have an additional 12 domes and crosses and the beautification of the surrounding landscapes is still to be completed. The work has also shifted to the interior of the church with work being done to complete the iconostasis and the altar. The consecration of the church is planned for October 2016.

“This is not the first cross that we are blessing, not the first cross that we are raising above the convent” said Father Andrew, “This church is vital here because just behind these walls are hundreds of people who have lost all hope. People will be able to go to church for prayer, partake of the Holy body and Blood of Christ. They will be able to find hope anew, real hope for a new life. A life with no dead ends but is a narrow path which leads people into the Kingdom of God."


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