5 Easter Gift Ideas and a Few Interesting Facts

As the Great Lent goes by, there is little time left until the bright day of Holy Easter. It is about time we started getting ready for the greatest feast of the year: even the Lent itself is meant to help us with spiritual preparation for it. People usually exchange gifts on the most memorable and joyful days. The day of the Holy Easter isnt an exception. Today, just a couple of weeks before this glorious feast, here are 5 Easter gift ideas that are certain to make your special ones happy and some interesting facts along the way:

1.     An icon of the Resurrection of Christ.

It wasn't until the 19th century that people started referring to this Byzantine icon of the Resurrection of Christ as "The Descent into Hell." The composition of this icon is based on the Apostolic Creed and depicts the Resurrection of Christ and the salvation of humankind. Jesus Christ is shown standing above the demolished gates of hell (sometimes icon painters portray the defeated devil under His feet, too). We see the keys, locks, and hinges of the gates of hell in the abyss. The Lord's mighty hand pulls Adam out of the abyss. He also holds a cross a symbol of God's triumph over death - in his other hand. More icons here.

2.     An album of Orthodox Easter chants

Easter hymns and chants are solemn and melodious. Recordings of monastic choirs will make a perfect gift and keep lifting up your mood for a long time.

3.     Easter-Themed Ceramic Products

The bright and colorful drawings on the products made in our ceramic workshop wont leave children and adults indifferent. This gift will remind you of the bright Feast of Feasts and a warm memory of the person who gave it to you. you can preview all of our easter ceramics here.

  4.     Easter Eggs.

This standing egg is decorated with an icon of the Resurrection of Christ, the Easter troparion in Church Slavonic, and lavish decorative patterns.

Traditionally, an egg was perceived as a coffin where life originates, or as death and resurrection. According to tradition, when St Mary Magdalene went to the Roman Emperor Tiberius, she was expected to bring him a present, so she handed him an egg, saying, "Christ is Risen!" The emperor did not believe her and replied that it was equally impossible for a white egg to become brown and for Jesus to rise from the dead. Hardly had he finished speaking when the egg changed its color to red. This tradition of giving red eggs as gifts continues even up to the present day. The eggs could be made of chocolate or wood, glass, ceramics, etc. Order one today!

 St Mary Magdalene

5.     Festive Stained Glass Gift.

Bright and colorful stained glass items will make a wonderful gift. Children's drawings, simple and sincere, inspired many of these items. When you buy something from our Catalog, you contribute to the social and charitable ministry of St Elisabeth Convent and support the good works of the sisters by helping the disabled and the less fortunate. Click here to browse all handmade glass items.