The sisters of Saint Elisabeth Convent have been rendering spiritual, social and financial assistance to the sick and the suffering, who stay at the National Psychiatric Clinic, the boarding home for children with special needs, the boarding home for mentally challenged adults, the rehabilitation center for mentally challenged children, the municipal hospital No.2, and a TB clinic for more than fifteen years.

There are over 2,000 patients in the 37 units of the National Psychiatric Clinic. Our sisters regularly visit these hospital units acknowledging the importance of giving these people spiritual support and consolation.
There are 125 young patients in the boarding home for children with special needs who require constant care. Our Sisterhood helps them with medicines, hygiene kits, wheelchairs, computers and foodstuffs. Our sisters make embroidery and handicrafts, draw pictures together with the children and takes care of bedridden patients.
There is a charity shelter founded on the farmstead of the Convent  for people who were led astray by the rough and tumble of life (the homeless, drug or alcohol addicts, ex-prisoners and the less able). Over 170 residents live here today. The Sisterhood itself provides the needy with comprehensive help: accommodation, meals and necessary medicines, arranges medical examinations for them, helps to reinstate their identification papers. Rehabilitation through labor at the farmstead consists of agricultural work in the fields, greenhouses and gardens, at a cattle and poultry farm as well as at construction sites and crafts workshops.

A female rehabilitation facility was established in 2012. Women released from jail, the homeless and the mentally challenged women stay there. The authorities allocated a plot of land (formerly a military base with only rundown houses remaining) for our Sisterhood ten miles from Minsk. Today there are 20 women and one toddler at this farmstead. They perform various tasks depending on the strength and ability of each woman: they work in the kitchen, in the field, take care of domestic animals and make handicrafts.

Today you can become part of the ministry. With every purchase that you make through the Catalogue of St.Elisabeth Convent website you can help hundreds of less fortunate.